The Experience


How does a zip-line work?


Easy: It's a very basic principle, you ride on an aircraft grade steel cable using a pulley and a safety harness with a main safety strap wich can carry over 20 times your own weight and a second one acting as a backup. You displace using gravity because the cable has a slight tilt downwards, this makes the cables unidirectional which means they only work one-way and not back. You may now wonder about the brakes, well, your pulley has a friction brake which stops you at the end of the zipline and there is always an instructor waiting at the end to assist you. This simplicity is what makes it so safe. Nothing too complicated which makes it impossible to have any user error.

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Why is it so safe?


Because we are committed to taking care of you and your family, that’s our priority. We make sure you enjoy every part of this experience and we have taken special care in making it suitable for everyone, no matter your age, physical ability or previous knowledge of activities like this –unlike ATV’s, horseback riding, snorkeling or even rock climbing, which require certain previous knowledge and involves operating devices all by yourself.


With us, you are never alone; our instructors do all the work while you enjoy the scenery and focus on the excitement. We developed our system 10 years ago and with this vast experience we bring you the most fun, safe and effortless experience so you can just focus in having the best time of your life, because with us we know you will.

Suspension Bridge:


This special bridge moves with every step you take, so have fun dancing and jumping around while you cross it, just remember to shake it! It is one of the funniest parts of the tour and it will have you laughing all the way.




This is where you can feel like a pro, you've probably seen this in action movies so now is the time to try it. You will descend through a rope on a mountain wall using a "figure 8 safety device", you will be in complete control of the descent but there will always be two instructors helping you along the way, they will be in charge of your safety at all times, this is a very rewarding and fun part of this tour, afterwards you can say with pride: "I did it!". It is worth mentioning that although Rappel is a part of the tour, it can be skipped if you like to.

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